C2 – Learning Arts in Greece

During these days in Greece we fostered emotions and creativity. In this sense, Arts is the perfect field to express and Greece represents one of the most important treasures in history and essential part of the European Heritage. In this workshop we focused on Arts and all the possible expressions but also as agreed in Spain in other fields, like science, maths or sports. We used both, ICT tools and non-ICT tools to solve challenges, again in teams applying cooperative learning. We have taken advantage of the connection that Arts have with real life to present Arts very connected to Maths, Science and Sports. Cultural Heritage has been also one of the strong points as Greece is a world heritage site and Thessaloniki in particular.

The activities are reflected in the activity guide when finished. The evaluation after the workshop was excellent, it could not be better. Perfect start. The program of the meeting was previously agreed when writing the project and it was perfectly executed:

DAY 1: Openning Ceremony, presentation of teams. Cultural Center en Thesaloniki
DAY 2: Treasure hunt at the Aristotelous Square
DAY 3: Trip to the archaeological sites of Vergina and Dion
DAY 4: Roman and Byzantine Thessaloniki contest. Escape Room.
DAY 5: Folk dancing and sports contest. Closing ceremony: awards, certificates.

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