C3 – Euro-Olympics in Lublin

Sports is probably the best topic in our project to foster inclusion and the Polish school was the perfect host. Such activities provide opportunities for marginalized and underprivileged groups,such as migrants and people at risk of discrimination, to interact and integrate with other social groups and gives them the real possibility to take part in the project.

From the very beginning, in the project, we planned our workshop like a transnational competition but with the “Olympic spirit” present. “The important thing is not to win, but to take part”, and view athletes who try their best but finish last is the best example of “Olympic spirit”. This workshop is developed in Poland given the impressive facilities we have enjoyed (swimming pool, athletic track and gim).

The program of the meeting has reflected the previous agreements and lines (Sports activities as the link for Maths, Science and Arts activities):

DAY 1: Openning Ceremony: presentation of our school, Polish students’ cultural program, related to the topic of the project; Ice-breaking and trustbuilding
workshop; visit to the mayor of Lublin and the City Council.
DAY 2: Euro-Olympics contest: Sports competition: Swimming, Football, Volleyball, Fun races
DAY 3: Discover Lublin – a competition rally: students in multinational groups find answers to questions about the Old Town
DAY 4: Learning Sports through Maths, Arts, Science and Cultural Heritage:
– Maths Detectives: Students in multinational groups solve Maths puzzles
– Brainy Quiz – general knowledge quiz with focus on Science, maths, Sport and Arts. Students work in multinational groups.
– Dance lesson – the polonez (polonaise)
– Let’s sing in Polish. Music workshop
– Workshop on biology at Lublin University
DAY 5: Closing ceremony: awards, certificates, Interview with a scientist from Lublin University

Students’ Program

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