We organized some local activities to be developed in groups by using each other strengths. We used Google Forms: Superquiz 1 – Transnational Olympic Games Superquiz 2 – Transnational Olympic Games Superquiz 3 – Transnational Olympic Games

C3 – Euro-Olympics in Lublin

Sports is probably the best topic in our project to foster inclusion and the Polish school was the perfect host. Such activities provide opportunities for marginalized and underprivileged groups,such as migrants and people at risk of discrimination, to interact and integrate with other social groups and gives them the real possibility to take part in … Read more

C2 – Learning Arts in Greece

During these days in Greece we fostered emotions and creativity. In this sense, Arts is the perfect field to express and Greece represents one of the most important treasures in history and essential part of the European Heritage. In this workshop we focused on Arts and all the possible expressions but also as agreed in … Read more