The selection of the priorities of the project also summarizes our goals:

G1) Developing new approaches to Maths, Science, Arts and Sports using English as a common means of communication working in transnational groups trying to promote inclusion. New approaches include game-based learning and team work.
G2) Fostering creativity, critical thinking and imagination when solving problems. It is a fact that the traditional approach is not helping our students.
G3) Developing knowledge on the European Union and consolidate among students that a cooperation between families, teachers, local community and students is possible. Giving them the chance to know cultural aspects of the EU. We believe and aim that demonstrating that working united in diversity is far more productive than working in isolation, thus contributing to build up a solid basis of a true European citizenship.
G4) Enhancing language skills in English for both students and teachers.
G5) Promoting the international dimension of our schools giving students the opportunity to work together with students from a different country in a different language
G6) Fostering the use of ICT tools to solve problems. ICT can definitely help us to achieve active implication of students in their learning.
G7) Helping teachers by motivating them in their daily task by giving them tools in a new teaching approach with active students.