C4 – Latvia – Maths are fun

EU TEAMS was born as a project with a clear main aim: to improve Math skills and to attract students to skills traditionally “difficult” like Maths. In case of this workshop, students in teams created transnationally had mainly challenging Math activities. The other topics of the project focused on learning Maths through them and allowed students to express Maths in different ways: with emotions and creativity using Arts and discover new links with sports and the cultural heritage of the area.

The activities as in the other meetings will be reflected in our activity guide published at the end.

DAY 1: Openning Ceremony, presentation of teams, creation of transnational teams.
DAY 2: Math contest
DAY 3: Culture heritage activity in Latvia
DAY 4: Learning Maths through Arts, Science, Sports and Cultural Heritage
DAY 5: Closing ceremony: awards, certificates and conference

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